Billing Information

Certus Laboratories

Certus understands that providing quality patient care has a related cost, which in some situations may be financially burdensome for patients. We are committed to delivering the best patient care to all, and to meet this objective have established practices to ensure affordable access to Certus’ services.

Certus will send a Statement of Account to patients who are responsible for deductibles, coinsurance, co‐payments or other balances. Unless otherwise contractually dictated by insurance carrier, Certus will make two attempts to collect on any patient balance. Presently, Certus does not use a collection company as they do not help create the type of relationship we desire to have with our clients. Before we write-off any claim amount to bad debt, we do have a couple of different payment options that patients have found attractive, and Certus feels are fair.

The following detailed payment options, which are subject to change, may apply to some of your patients:

  • No Insurance. If you are not insured, or your health plan does not cover these types of laboratory tests, Certus may offer an uninsured rate. This rate is consistent with the market place.
  • Payment Plan. Certus is always willing to work with any patient on a balance owed. We offer payment plans for outstanding balances, and eligibility is individually determined.